PLEASE PLEASE which pokémon did you used for get that shiny Froakie? I mean im using a Greninja from my game and a japanese Ditto from the gts, it will work? im on the 150 egg and it stills no shiny

Bonjour mraxpdf,

If I remember correctly, I used a Japanese Froakie and one from my own region. ( French / Canada ) 

Your setting should work, you only need one of the two pokémons you breed to make the Masuda Method work. I understand it can be really long, I did several time more than 1000 eggs and nothing. You just need to keep doing them until one is shiny, don’t give up ! 

Best of luck and thank you for the ask. 

About the Mega Sceptile art, I feel like they should do it for Solarbeam too.

Bonjour Anonyme, long time no see ! :)

Yes, totally! The classic Solar Beam attack would be really pretty with this effect too. It kinda reminds me of how Godzilla attacks with it’s Atomic Breath… surely an epic sight!

Have a great day !

Heyo ~ i have a question about your cool shiny charmander. I was wondering if you could tell me what Pokemon you used and from where so I can see if I've been doing it right? :/ I've hatched 300+ eggs for my shiny charmander, but nothing so far.

Bonjour thatfunkida, 

First sorry for the late reply. I used a Charmander from my game (French) and an other one from the USA, if I remember correctly (English).

When you look at the summary of a pokémon, just beside it’s name, if it’s written the name of a language (ex: ENG), that means it’s foreign to your game and can be used for Masuda Breeding.

I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your ask! :)

Know of any easy ways to train my pokemon? I beat the Elite 4 and I have a new team id like to train.

Bonjour Anonyme,

I use horde battles to train my Pokémons. They can be easily grinded to Lv.60 by battling Spinda/Victreebel/Trevenant/Durant hordes. (4000-6000 exp. points per battle, if Lucky Egg is used and Max Affection) Use an attack that hit them all like Surf/Bulldoze/Discharge/Heat Wave etc and the Lucky Egg. Plus, since you’re battling a lot of Pokémons, you can get a shiny one pretty fast! Hordes battles are also much faster than Super Training for EV training, here’s the Serebii page about Hordes Battles to help you out even further.

After you’re like Lv.60 or so, you can go off against the Elite Four again and again! It’s great to get money and your Pokémons will gain some more levels there.

I’ve also heard people using the Battle Chateau (Not sure of the name though, it’s the battle facility on the same route as the Day Care) for grinding or even wild Audino in the Friend Safari. I’ve haven’t tried any of those methods, but I’m pretty sure those would be effective too.

Good luck for your leveling, and thank you for your ask!