Hey, just letting you know that your art is really amazing, I love the different styles and all the colors- your theme makes everything look really nice together too! I'm glad i found your blog, keep up the fantastic work and stay awesome! :)

Bonjour isolatedloser,

Thank you so much for the kind words, I’m more than glad you love my works. I’ll try my best to keep doing different styles and maybe update my blog. ( Personally, I’m never happy with it, but it’s probably because I’m in web design so ugh )

Thank you for your kind ask and have a great evening !

Hi! I was wondering how you feel about commissions or something like that, I wasn't going to use it for anything, I just really admire your art and have been wanting to see a specific work for agrs!

Bonjour hy-br-id,

( I’m making this ask visible by everyone; I get a lot of similar questions, if it’s not okay with you, just ask me up again and I’ll take it away. )

First, thank you so much ! Always honoured to see people liking my work. Second, I’m sorry, but I’m not open to commissions or requests or anything like that. I’m sorry. I lack the time and practice to draw what other people suggest me, I just can’t do it. ( I also lack inspiration. )

Although, I can take suggestions by ask, I think… Everyone can send me an ask with an idea or a suggestion, I won’t answer to these, but if I ever draw it, I can credit you for the idea. It won’t be like ” 100% will draw it ” but still, it’ll stay in my suggestion or idea list and could be used for inspiration etc. I’m gonna be honest, it won’t probably ever be drawn, but if I keep a list of those, like I said, it could be like an inspirational list or something and maybe drawn someday.

Thank you so much and sorry I wasn’t able to truly answer to your needs.

PLEASE PLEASE which pokémon did you used for get that shiny Froakie? I mean im using a Greninja from my game and a japanese Ditto from the gts, it will work? im on the 150 egg and it stills no shiny

Bonjour mraxpdf,

If I remember correctly, I used a Japanese Froakie and one from my own region. ( French / Canada ) 

Your setting should work, you only need one of the two pokémons you breed to make the Masuda Method work. I understand it can be really long, I did several time more than 1000 eggs and nothing. You just need to keep doing them until one is shiny, don’t give up ! 

Best of luck and thank you for the ask. 

i LOVE your work! It's so adorbs and expressive! Keep it up <3

Bonjour fossilizer,

Thank you so much ! Sorry to be lazy and inactive these days.

Thnak you for your ask and have a great evening !

About the Mega Sceptile art, I feel like they should do it for Solarbeam too.

Bonjour Anonyme, long time no see ! :)

Yes, totally! The classic Solar Beam attack would be really pretty with this effect too. It kinda reminds me of how Godzilla attacks with it’s Atomic Breath… surely an epic sight!

Have a great day !