So, sometimes ago I tried to represent myself as a Pokémon. I often changes my mind about it but this little guy is still cute to my eyes.

He have a cross-generation moveset but whatever, these are my favourite moves for him.

_ _ _

I just re-begun a “single-run” on Pokémon HeartGold and I choose a Kangaskhan from the Pokéwalker. Love theses girls, they kick so much asses.

The thing that always stays when I try to “Pokémon-ify" myself, is my taste for battle and justice. x)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my base was the fill-in-form for PurpleKecleon’s Pokémon Mystery Dungeon on dA. Yes, it was originally my submission; but as I said I change so much my mind that I never submitted it. Plus my twin sister never designed her character so we never had the chance to work it out.

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