Revamp of the alfa starters in Pokémon Gold/Silver
(Shown during the E31997 playable demo)

From left to right;

Happa, the grass starter. It knew a grass-type move called “Serene”.
It’s was probably a prototype design of Chikorita, the only starter that *made it* in the final game. 

Honooguma, the fire starter.
Unknown status. Rumoured to be a prototype of Cyndaquil/Teddiursa.
(Strange how this guys looks more like a second-evolution stage.)

Kurusu, the water starter.
Strangely, this pokémon’s pokédex number wasn’t related to the other. (it wasn’t #7!) Rumours says it was a normal Pokémon used as a starter temporary because the real water starter wasn’t created yet. It seems to have no connection whatsoever with Totodile. (Personally, I think I could be linked with the Spheal/Oshawott evolution line, but that’s just an hypothesis) 

They were all given at Lv.8 by Prof. Oak and they all held a “Nut” (Which worked just like a berry). (Strange level uh? But I think it was made for the demo’s sake, for speed/easier purpose)

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