An very interesting promo (only with Italian audio, sorry!) that shows some really nice bits of Conker’s Twelve Tales. Translation:

Conker. The 1st 3D adventure for the N64, with Conker & Berry characters. Who count with Artificial Inteligence, that allows them adapt to the conditions of the environment that surround them each moment. 4 worlds replete of adventures, where the player must locate more than 100 objets. A whole challenge.
By 7DragonMilo@YT

  • At 0:05
    Conker seems to have a pretty grin on it’s face, much more accentuated than any smiles (or if there is any in it’s idle animation!) in CBFD.
    Notice also the beta icons; up-left (energy counter), up-right (conkers/munitions for the slingshot), bottom-left (gifts counter) and bottom-right (Conker’s lifes)
    The sign post indicates “Barn” and seems to have more than two panels, in the final game it’s written “Nasty” and “Nice”.
  • At 0:07
    Conker seems able to do a special animation for a dive.
  • At 0:10
    There a nice little house in the background. It looks a lot like Conker’s house in Conker’s Pocket Tales.
  • At 0:12
    A scene that seems to happen a lot during Conker’s Twelve Tales, or receive a lot of coverage. Conker is being pursuit by a storm, and the thunder crashes to the ground and sometimes destroys items/actors. (Ex: a bridge)
  • At 0:15
    I’m the only one to see that the hanging thing in the grotto is looking similar to K.O the Kat’s hammer? (early boss)
  • At 0:19
    Some rare Berri footage. Berri’s not accompanied of her little pet monster/dinosaur and is shown being able to dig. Would Conker and Berri have the exact same moveset/controls?
  • At 0:24
    We get a nice overview of the unnamed/unnumbered Western level. Listen closely to the music playing, it’s the same song that plays in the level “Vulture Town”, which is a Western level in Conker’s Pocket Tales.
  • At 0:26
    There is so many things in such short seconds! Very rare footage, and with audio!
    First of all, Conker is holding to a kite/hand-glider, which is not surprising, since the game was confirmed to feature several vehicles. Below is an in-game artwork of it.

    Second, the level seems pretty unknown. It looks like an arena/stadium/circus, with what seems a bottomless pit. Although to me, the borders seems familiar from the “Prehistoric/Roma/Medieval” from some footage.

    And finally, listen to the little sample of the music we can clearly hear during these seconds. This same music movement can be heard in the level “Krow Keep” in Conker’s Pocket Tales. The level was first a creepy forest, and then a huge medieval-like castle inhabited by a malevolent magician.  
  • At 0:31
    The video finishes with some of the only Berri footage. She is shown jumping in a strange way. (Jumping not very high but each times, both of her feet goes in a opposite way) It’s not looking natural/easy to do.
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  • 25 mai 2012
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