Berri in Conker’s Twelve Tales, during the E3 in 1997.

So apparently her design was changed before Conker’s Bad Fur Day? A very late change? That would explain there is only so little of this design around in 1997.

Her most-seen design in Conker’s Twelve Tales on the Nintendo 64 would be the one below. Interesting note, it’s the same design that was carried over to it’s portable/twin version; Conker’s Pocket Tales on the GB/GBC.

Though now I wonder about the poster of her in the level Rusty Bucket Bay, in the game Banjo-Kazooie. Probably the games where at some point both in development at the same time, and they wanted to make a cameo of her. (Certainly without knowing that the little happy-go-round game that was Conker’s Twelve Tales would change so much!)

EDIT (12:01/25/05/2012)

But wait a minute! Isn’t in 1997 that Conker’s Twelve Tales was still known as Conker 64/Conker’s Quest? What if it the blonde-haired Berri design was in fact, the prototype of her brunette look? Then in CBFD, they decided to reused the prototype design since it was more “stereotypical”?

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  • 25 mai 2012
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