First above we have the kind and courageous Krystal. Maybe some of you can recognize her? She’s now of Starfox team… well not really with that design though.

I drew her according to several in-game screenshots, but her designs changed so many times, it was hard to be consistent. I also had a poster from the E3 but the armour on her arm was different. (In that time in made it, the render alone wasn’t easy to found online)

The second artwork is Sabre, a loyal warrior from the Planet Animus.

I drew him according to several in-game screenshots. I also had a nice poster from the E3. So this is kinda like a mix of all my references I had, I tried to stay true to the N64 style also, while not making them too much complicated like a render. (Textures and markings)

You are meant to be together. It was your destiny. Together as one, you will bring peace.
- Last Cheat Token Secret in SFA

- - -

I tried many times to get a simple, official-like artwork of General Scales, but all of theses resulted in references/doodles. These were all based on artworks/in-game-screen (I didn’t invented the poses!) and went more to make some references for him. Strangely enough, the black suit from SFA…I can’t remember being used in any of the game.

General Scales From DPGeneral Scales from SFA (and unused)

But I also have my final sketch for my version of it’s artwork. Just need to work on it.

Also, I’m doing the same for Randorn and Drakor. To make a short story with a long story, Randorn is a magiciant that will help Sabre and Krystal on their quest and supposedly knew Sabre’s father and Drakor is supposedly a dragon god (a Great Kamerian Dragon) that helped create the Spellstones. In SFA, Randorn is not even mentioned and you can fight Drakor, but he’s referenced as The Mutant and doesn’t have any other role than guarding the last spellstone.

I’m also working on a huge movie-like poster on Dinosaur Planet. 

Also, if you are interested in Dinosaur Planet stuff or even Starfox Adventures, go check on tumblr fyeahdinosaurplanet also there’s a great article on unseen64 about it.

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  • 24 mai 2012
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