About the Mega Sceptile art, I feel like they should do it for Solarbeam too.

Bonjour Anonyme, long time no see ! :)

Yes, totally! The classic Solar Beam attack would be really pretty with this effect too. It kinda reminds me of how Godzilla attacks with it’s Atomic Breath… surely an epic sight!

Have a great day !

Yaaay I'm really glad you're back! Your art is so cool, I love the way you use lines and colour so much! :)

Bonjour poketto-monsta,

Sorry for the late reply and thank you so much for the kind comment. I use FireAlpaca and SAI to get those lines as smooth as I love them.

I really dig your name by the way! :)

Thank you for your kind ask!

Holy Christ, I thought /my/ luck was good this game around. Do you personally believe friend safaris have increased odds?

Bonjour Anonyme, 

Well, according to much more intelligent than me friends on Tumblr (:D), the odds aren’t higher. It’s because the RNG is stable, because there is no weather conditions or NPC walking around. It makes hitting a shiny seed easier. (Well, most of the time! I’ve been hunting for some evening and nothing haha)

Thank you for your ask and have a great day! :)

Grats on finding that shiny shelgon, makes me remember the day I found Gem back in Sapphire as a tiny bagon (I was dragon scale hunting and using Thief on bagons). I can't wait to transfer her over

Bonjour arcticsirius,

Whoah congratulations on your prized female Bagon! I’m always so amazed what shiny pokémons people can find on games I have played too! Now that my reply’s late but that the PokéBank is released, I hope you had fun with her in Pokémon Amie already and seeing her in full 3D glory must be astonishing.

May the shiny odds be with you and have a great day! :)

Yo! in your painting of honedge with a Minda-style colour scheme (which i absolutely adore by the way) you mention a speed-painting tutorial? by "PK"? im trying to get into speedpainting myself and any resources that i can find would be really useful :3 love your work!

Bonjour sharkybutt, 

Whoah that tutorial is actually pretty old, but I’m sure you could find it in PK’s dA gallery. ( I don’t have the link under my hand unfortunately…

Thank you so much for the kind comment and I wish you well on your quest for speedpainting! :)

Happy new year! I hope 2014 will be a great year for you! ( ^▽^)

Bonjour kuroha-chan,

First sorry for the extra-late reply! I’d like to thank you and everyone who wished me an happy new year! May yours be filled with joy and health! 

Thank you for the kind ask! :)